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Your Online Presence & Brand
Personal branding page

Gone are the days of creating lasting impressions through in-person meetings or the mailing of a resume. Our current environment demands that our online presence is a currency that's instantly traded on whether we've intentionally crafted it or not.


Bright Spots Coaching helps clients to stand in their best light online in the form of expertly polished LinkedIn profiles, clear, clever website content, and/or seamless personal branding. 


Leverage our expertise, flexibility, and a bit of a magic touch to ensure your best self appears on the page, and on the screen.  We ensure we understand you, the highlights of your experiences, and your personal brand...and we help you effectively tell your story so you shine online. 


We can support you in all or any of the following ways: 

  • Helping you to craft and post a fantastic version of yourself on LinkedIn

  • Drafting or helping you to write your content

  • Partnering with you to develop your personal brand


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