Workshop: Purposeful Communication for a Positive Culture

2-hour workshop, offered via video platform during COVID-19. 

{One-on-one coaching sessions may be offered to participants as an optional add-on.}

Studies show that leaders spend 80 percent of their time communicating, yet employees, customers, and partners rate leaders’ communication skills (particularly listening,) as poor.*


In this interactive workshop about purposeful communication, we unpack the ingredients of healthy, respectful, effective communication. We establish a common understanding of it, and leverage a framework for creating it. Participants will engage in instruction, discussion, and exercises to uncover both the fundamental and nuanced elements of communication that build a positive culture that is aligned with and woven together with the organization's values. 


Leaders will learn and practice strategies and tools, as well as examine what gets in the way of healthy, respectful, effective communications. Participants will walk away with a personal plan for applying the framework in their own communications going forward.


After all, culture doesn’t happen by itself. It is created one conversation at a time.

*Oshagbemi, 1995 meta-analysis of H. Mintzberg’s original work from 1973 confirmed, continued validity of findings that the communication skill of listening was one of the greatest managerial deficiencies.

Workshop: Executive Presence in a Virtual World: The Art and Science of Owning All the Rooms

90-minute workshop offered via video platform during COVID-19

{One-on-one coaching sessions may be offered to participants as an optional add-on.}

Studies tell us that our chances of a workplace promotion, development of strong customer relationships, or the closing of a sale, all rely heavily on our demonstrating “executive presence." 


Yet, few of us can precisely define executive presence, much less develop, and consistently demonstrate it.


In this interactive workshop we establish an understanding of that elusive, magical set of qualities that have mystified many of us. 


This session provides participants with expert guidance, peer-to-peer discussion, and powerful exercises rooted in a proven framework, to cultivate executive presence (E.P.) in a virtual world.


You will uncover and practice your own brand of executive presence and walk away with a personal, actionable plan.



After all, we don’t want to wait until someone else decides if we have executive presence. We want to identify our own E.P., practice it, and put it to use.