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Personal Branding

Helping You Stand in Your Own Light


Transform Your Blind Spots Into Bright Spots


Your coach is your partner for digging in and achieving deeper levels of self-knowledge, empowering you for authentic solution-based thought and actions.. READ MORE


You're on the journey. We've got a flashlight.



A Full Suite of Services

Whether you're an individual looking to elevate to a next level, a leader planning your next act, or responsible for a team's advancement, Bright Spots Coaching offers a full suite of services to support your journey - both personally and professionally. Certified leadership coach Susan Paley leads the way in providing individual coaching, workshops on topics ranging from Executive Presence to Purposeful Communications, and help with branding yourself to stand out. 


Leaders gain and practice new insights that get to the heart of purposeful communications, executive presence, and brandings... READ MORE



Whether you're preparing for your next act or just want to polish up your online presence... READ MORE

Your personal brand is the story about us that lingers when we're not in the room... READ MORE

Leverage Susan's experience in moderating, emceeing, and presenting... READ MORE


"Exquisite coaching."- Ellen Fulton, Master Certified Coach

"Susan is a natural coach if I ever met one.  She listens very deeply to what I say, how I say it and what I don't say.  She is also very smart and insightful.  Through her listening and insights she has helped me increase my self awareness and my ability to act with integrity, true to my best self, so I can live the way I really want to live!  I am so grateful to Susan for her compassion, caring and amazing coaching." - Paula Lowe, ICF Certified PCC Coach and former Associate VP and Director of Training, NASD/NASDAQ

"I am so grateful for the coaching experience I had with Susan. She listened intently to my experience and through the use of powerful questioning, was able to open my eyes to a new way of thinking about a situation, and what I truly wanted to do. Susan partnered with me to design a path forward. She is simply a top-notch and impactful coach. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for transformation." - Heather S., National trade association chief of staff

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Building upon a 30-year career in media and boardroom leadership, Susan is expanding upon her passion for helping people shift aside the rubble that is holding them back.  

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