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Personal branding page

Are you ready to re-frame, re-phrase, and re-post of all or parts of your LinkedIn profile?   


Is it time to update your bio in a way that puts you in the best light?  


Or are you interested in polishing your website content to reflect the best you have to offer your clients?


Susan and Bright Spots Coaching provide you the expertise, flexibility, and that magic touch to ensure your best self appears on the page, and on the screen.


Through our "coachsulting" method, we get to the heart of who you are, what you offer the world, and how to best tell that story. 



Coaching is a combination of guided exploration and professional development, requiring that the coach and client partner together to address relevant issues as identified by the client. 


Consulting provides the client with input that may range from researched information, expertise-based advice, or tactical actions such as crafting messaging, writing, or re-writing content, 


For writing, or re-writing content, bios, or profiles, Bright Spots Coaching employs  “coachsulting” -  a combined approach, involving a specified number of sessions to explore together who the client is professionally, what they are offering the world, and identifying how to best express that. 


We then write content that makes you shine. 


Let us ensure you're standing in your best light. 


Whether you're preparing for your next act or just want to polish up your online presence, your LinkedIn profile is the currency to trade on. We ensure we understand you, the highlights of your professional experiences, and your personal brand...and we help you effectively tell your story so you shine online. If you're aiming to land a new job, a board seat, or just make an impression, we're your LinkedIn pro. 

A personal brand is the story about us that lingers when we're not in the room. It has a "feel" to it beyond words. It permeates the reactions to us, memories and expectations of us.


You have a brand... you just may not know what it looks or feels like yet. We take you through an efficient, creative process to pull the stories and brand hallmarks from your past and present... and even embark on a journey to "remember your future." All so your own brand shines through. 

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