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Why Work with a Coach?

Stand In Your Own Light.



Coaching is a powerful experience in guided self-discovery, personal growth, and professional development, Coaching requires that the coach and client work together to address any variety of issues as identified by the client.



Coaching is not consulting (we're not advising you what to do.)  It's not mentoring (we're focused on your experiences, not ours.)  And it certainly isn't therapy (we're not unpacking what’s in your rear view mirror. Our eyes are looking squarely forward.)  Coaching provides a powerful way through current and persistent issues in a manner that allows you to achieve deep levels of self-knowledge, empowering you for authentic solution-based thought and actions.



You're on the journey. We've got a flashlight.

Transform Blind Spots Into Bright Spots.


Leadership coaching often focuses on both “sides” of a person: the organizational performance  and the personal development of the leader. It serves a deeply personal aspect of a client’s growth and development. After all, each of us is more than our professional selves; we are each a whole person.  Coaching provides behavioral insights and learning while accelerating a leader’s effectiveness.



Coaching is for people who want to make shifts in their lives, and are eager to dig in. Whether you're rearranging your internal furniture, or dealing with significant challenges and transformation, coaching empowers you to see through a fresh lens.



Increased self-awareness, and an enhanced capacity to thrive. 


Spotlight Your Strengths.


My clients have found that coaching shines a light brightly enough to illuminate their path forward on issues including:

  • Transition and transformation

  • Leadership and career development

  • Workplace challenges and decision making

  • Identifying and building upon strengths

  • Relationship health and enhancement

  • Lifestyle management and life balance

  • Achieving short-term or life-long goals


And sometimes, we just need help finding our voice. 


Coaching sessions are client-directed, intentional conversations – heavily based on the posing of powerful questions, and exploration of answers, thoughts, and behaviors. We meet in person, by phone, video conferencing, or any combination of methods. We agree to a number of sessions - typically six - with each one usually lasting an hour. And the truth is, between sessions, what we do within those one-hour chunks of time, will be quietly at work in your life. 

Planning your next act? You have a unique and textured personal and professional history. You’ve found success (and struggle) in any number of forms. You’re ready for your next chapter. What now? How do you define, craft, and land your next act?  Bright Spots Coaching is your partner. We help you to identify your future self, craft your story, and actualize it.

What People are Saying

"Exquisite coaching."

Ellen Fulton, Master Certified Coach

"Very much appreciated the energy, thoughtfulness, and perspective Susan brought to each session to make them fun and practical."

Stephen Lamar, Executive VP, American Apparel & Footwear Association

"Susan is a natural coach if I ever met one.  She listens very deeply to what I say, how I say it and what I don't say.  She is also very smart and insightful.  Through her listening and insights she has helped me increase my self awareness and my ability to act with integrity, true to my best self, so I can live the way I really want to live!  I am so grateful to Susan for her compassion, caring and amazing coaching."

Paula Lowe, ICF Certified PCC Coach and former Associate VP and Director of Training, NASD/NASDAQ

"I am so grateful for the coaching experience I had with Susan. She listened intently to my experience and through the use of powerful questioning, was able to open my eyes to a new way of thinking about a situation, and what I truly wanted to do. Susan partnered with me to design a path forward. She is simply a top-notch and impactful coach. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for transformation."

 Heather S., National trade association chief of staff

Susan's Conversations With Extraordinary Leaders

About Susan Paley

Building upon a 30-year career in media and boardroom leadership, Susan is expanding upon her passion for helping people shift aside the rubble that is holding them back.  

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