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Transform Your Blind Spots Into Bright Spots


Leaders need (and deserve) professional development that efficiently delivers new insights which get to the heart of executive presence, purposeful communication, and polishing one's online presence and brand... READ MORE

Your coach is your partner for digging in and achieving deeper levels of self-knowledge, empowering you for authentic solution-based thought and actions... READ MORE




You’re moving in a new direction. Leverage us as your partner as you explore your greater purpose, articulate your value proposition, and identify next steps.... READ MORE

People's impressions are launched when they see your LinkedIn profile, your website, or the personal brand you share - knowingly or unknowingly - through your online presence... READ MORE

Leverage Susan's executive presence and experience to infuse your meeting or conference with gravitas, warmth, and anchoring - even virtually... READ MORE


Helping You Stand In Your Own Light

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