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Whether you're an individual looking to elevate to a next level, a leader planning your next act, or responsible for a team's advancement, Bright Spots Coaching offers a full suite of services to support your journey - both personally and professionally. Certified leadership coach Susan Paley leads the way in providing individual coaching, workshops on topics ranging from Executive Presence to Purposeful Communications, and help with branding yourself to stand out. 

Whether you're preparing for your next act or just want to polish up your online presence, the currency you trade on is a "package" that shines through in your LinkedIn profile, your brand, and your executive presence. 


Through a process of "coachsulting," we ensure we understand you, the highlights of your professional experiences, and partner with you to uncover your personal brand. We help you effectively tell your story so you shine online.

Your personal brand is the story about us that lingers when we're not in the room. It has a "feel" to it beyond words. It permeates the reactions to us, memories and expectations of us. You have a brand... you just may not know what it looks or feels like yet. We take you through an efficient, creative process to pull the stories and brand hallmarks from your past and present... and even embark on a journey to "remember your future."  All so your own brand shines through. 

Whether your conference, meeting, or workshop is virtual or in person, leverage Susan's experience in moderating, emceeing, and presenting. Serving as either an anchor for your entire event or a content contributor, Susan's experience in matters ranging from corporate governance to personal growth can add value to your program, leaving you and your team to focus on production, speaker bookings, and all the details of the day. Susan brings gravitas, humor, and experience to your organization and attendees. 

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